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Location: Zero Bridge, Rajbagh, Srinagar, Kashmir

Capacity: Sixty bedded hospital

Facilities Available:

1. Outpatient services for Medicine, Surgery, Gyne and Obs, ENT, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Endocrinology etc

2. 24 hour emergency services for Obstetric patients

3. Maternity services including facilities for normal deliveries and Cesarean sections

4. Surgical services including general surgery, ENT and Eye surgery

5. Admission services for all types of patients

6. Four different levels of rooms available for different levels of patients

Doctors available in Modern Hospital

Consultants having Clinics:

1. Prof Abdul Ahad, ENT

2. Prof Abdul Lateef, ENT

3. Dr Rafiq Ahmed, ENT

4. Dr Raouf Ahmed, ENT

5. Prof Farhat Hamid, Gynecologist

6. Dr Mohd Ramzan Mir, Orthopedics

7. Dr Sarosh Ahmed Khan, Medicine

8. Dr Parvaiz Ahmed, Cardiology

9. Dr Latif Ahmed Khan, Endocrinology

10. Dr Bilal Ahmed Khan, Gastroenterologist

11. Dr Nissar Ahmed Wani, Surgical Oncology

Consultants operating in MH:

1. Prof Mehmooda Khan, Surgery

2. Dr Rafi Ahmed Vaida, --

3. Dr Mohd Yusuf Mir, --

4. Dr Ghulam Hassan Bhat, --

5. Dr Mumtaz Din, --

6. Dr Irshad Kuchai, --

7. Dr Tariq Qureshi, Eye Specialist

8. Prof Bilqees Jamila, Gynecologist

9. Prof Shahida Mir, --

10. Prof Tasleema Chisti, --

11. Dr Farhat Jabeen, --

12. Dr Shahnaz Taing, --

13. Dr Abdul Qayum Shah, --

14. Dr Mohd Ashraf Kar, --

15. Prof AS Sethi, Pediatrician

16. Prof Abdul Ahad, Anesthetist

17. Dr Riyaz Munawwar Wani, --

18. Dr Javed Manzoor, --

19. Dr Salim Karnai, --

20. Dr Fayaz Ahmed Reshi, --

21. Dr Khalida Kar, --

22. Dr Naseer Ahmed Mir, Orthopedician